SAML Jackson SSO with Superpowers

No need to ever remember multiple passwords

I manage the community for BoxyHQ. We build Security Building Blocks for Developers and I wanted to use the opportunity to mention we are launching our newest version of SAML Jackson SSO, a solution that will help you scale your business and land deals faster.

You may ask yourself, is that the SAML I'm thinking of? No, it's not that SAML...This SAML Jackson will help the security of your application and brings it to life with enterprise features out of the box that will help you not only become more secure but will help you land deals faster.

What's the catch?

No catch, SAML Jackson is free to use with no strings attached. We're open-source and passionate about community and security. We just ask for your feedback (Github Discussions) which helps us know if there are any pain points that need to be addressed.

Please check out our Github repo at and if you are so kind every Github star lets us know you appreciate Free enterprise-grade SSO.